What is a pessary?

A pessary is small device created from medical grade SILICONE, which is inserted into your vagina. This medical device helps support your bladder, uterus, or rectum; and it will prevent a pelvic organ prolapse from occurring. Occasionally, pessaries can be used to stop urinary incontinence.

What to expect during your visit…

The Bladder Care Centre pessary nurses and doctors will help with your pessary fitting, since these devices come in many different shapes and sizes. After your first appointment, you will be seen by the staff for a second visit, usually 1-3 weeks after your fitting. You may have to try a couple of different pessaries to find one that fits. When you find the correct pessary, it should be comfortable.

The Bladder Care Centre staff ONLY fits you for a pessary. The clinic DOES NOT do maintenance after your second appointment. You will be given a list of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who do pessary care and maintenance in the community during your last visit. Pessaries may cause vaginal irritation if they are not routinely maintained, and cleansed; therefore, we advise that you routinely see a community physio, nurse, or family doctor, every 3-5 months to check your pessary and vagina.


What does the pessary cost?  The pessary fee is $100.

If you are a candidate for pessary and one fits during your initial visit, you will be given an invoice and sent to the UBC cashier to pay. You may call your medical coverage company prior to your appointment to check if this is covered.


IF you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call your doctor:

  • increased pain or pressure from your pessary
  • increased discharge ,or changes in the colour of your discharge
  • bleeding
  • foul odour
  • sudden urine retention or leakage
  • pessary falls out of your vagina



Please allow yourself enough time to get to the centre. If you are 15 minutes late, the nurse will not have enough time to do your test. Your test WILL BE CANCELLED and the clinic staff may reschedule your appointment.


  • If you use a cane, crutches, walker or wheelchair and/or
    if you NEED help with walking, dressing, undressing or transferring,
    you MUST bring someone who can help you.
    Your test WILL BE CANCELLED if you do not bring a caregiver or family / friend to help you.
  • bring your Care Card or BC Services Card
  • bring a list of all pill/ medications you are taking
  • if you have difficulty with English, bring someone with you to help with translation. This person must have a good understanding of English. The translator is with you during your test.
  • you must take a shower or bath the morning of your appointment
  • If you have had a heart valve replacement or, recent joint replacement, contact your physician if you need antibiotics prior to the test.
  • If you have an artificial urinary sphincter, you must inform your nurse and doctor prior to the test. 



There is an 8 week referral wait list.

Please wait for the Bladder Care Centre clerk to contact you to book an appointment.
Due to high call volume, please do not call with regards to your referral prior to this time. We cannot book you ahead of other patients if you call us prior to the 8 week referral waiting-list. We will not return your calls about your wait-list status, or the length of your wait-time.

Thank you. 


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